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Vischering. The Castle – Permanent Exhibition


Permanent Exhibition at Castle Vischering, Lüdinghausen, Germany, 2018

The castle welcomes visitors to explore the newly designed permanent exhibitionwhich was established in the conjunction with the regional project „Wasser Burgen Welt“- The World of Moated Castles. Dramaturgic alterations to the castle as well as its surrounding grounds not only help the visitors visualise the history of the region but illuminate the evolution of social, political and religious changes through the ages. This results in an exciting atmosphere which takes visitors on a wonderful journey through time.

Photos: Duncan McCauley, Philipp Obkircher
Project information
Client: Kreis Coesfeld

Opening: January 2018

Services / scope of work: interpretive planning, lead exhibition design, graphic design, technical planning, hand-held digital media design, media planning & production, audio-visual planning & production, lighting design

Area: 1.000 sqm

Planning & Realization period: October 2014 to January 2018
Exhibition Design: Noel McCauley, Andrea Kubinszky, Paula Jurack

Digital Media Design & Planning: Cristina Navarro, Tom Duncan

Lighting Design: Noel McCauley, Sabine De Schutter

Graphic: Polyform